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The HoloRam line of biological regulators seeks to promote, maintain or restore the energy balance necessary for the health of different organ systems. This is achieved through the provision of bio-information patterns carried by a substrate made of plants, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, adaptive elements and micronutrients, balanced and biophysically activated.

Each nutritional supplement achieved in this way acts as a set of activated and harmonically related molecules, which achieves a synergistic multiplying of its potential. We understand it better when we recognize unique properties of its active ingredients in many plants.

With the HoloRam system, a synergy between the molecular, energy and informational levels is achieved for generating a synchronous activation of natural regulation systems. For this reason all supplements made with the HoloRam system behave as biological regulators, which means they act as regulators rather than as activators or inhibitors, and they tend to restore balance to the affected organ system, whatever their starting point is.

Rather than filling the gaps, the aim of our approach is bioregulation, where an ideal combination of biological substances is activated and energized to generate bio-information systems activating essential metabolic cascades.