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The biological regulators HoloRam® Line seek to promote, maintain or restore the body’s energetic balance required for the health of the different organ systems.

This is achieved by providing information patterns carried by a substrate of phytotherapeutics, herbal adaptogens, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and micronutrients, balanced and biophysically activated.

Every dietary supplement obtained this way acts as a group of molecules activated and harmonically related among them, so we achieve multiple synergies that enhance their potential. We’ll understand this better by recognizing in many plants characteristics that are not only the result of their active substances.

The HoloRam® Line achieves a synergy among molecular, energy and informative levels to generate a synchronous activation of the natural regulatory system. That is why HoloRam® supplements behave like biological regulators, meaning that they act not only as activators or inhibitors, but also as regulators which tend to restore the balance of the damaged organic system, regardless the starting point.

As well as compensating substance deficiencies, bio-regulation is one of our aims. This way, an ideal combination of biological substances is activated and invigorated to produce bio-information systems which trigger essential metabolic cascades.