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HoloRam Drenuril

Prostate Bio-regulator


HoloRam® Drenuril contributes to strengthen the natural processes of control of infection, inflammation and endocrine disorders that affect the prostate.

HoloRam® Drenuril contributes to the activation of bio-regulation processes involved in the prevention and relief of symptoms linked to prostate growth and inflammation such as retention and urinary urgency.


For a better understanding, we have grouped their components into three categories:

  • Group I. Phytotherapeutic substrate: Sabal dried extract (Serenoa repents, fruit, 25% fatty acids) 80 mg, Rose Hip dried extract (Rosa canina, fruit, 0.2% ascorbic acid) 60 mg; Maca dried extract (Lepidium meyenni Walp, tuber, ratio 4:1) 40 mg, Cranberry dried extract (Vaccinium macrocarpon, fruit, >1% anthocyanosides) 40 mg; Fireweed dried extract (Epilobium angustiflorum, above ground parts, ratio 4:1) 35 mg, Amalaki dried extract (Emblica officinalis, fruit, 20% tannins) 25 mg; Willow dried extract (Salix alba, bark, 15% salicin) 20 mg.
  • Group II. Antioxidants: They help to avoid the oxidative damage produced in the prostate gland by infectious and inflammatory processes. It contains: Mangosteen dried extract (Garcinia mangostana, fruit, 20% mangostin), 40 mg; Beta carotene 10%, 24 mg; Lycopene 30%, 10 mg.
  • Group III. Trace elements: Indispensable for the bio-regulation of inflammatory processes that contribute to prostatic hyperplasia. It contains: Zinc gluconate (14.35% zinc) 40 mg, Selenium yeast (1.000 ppm selenium), 16.5 mg; Cooper gluconate (14.44% cooper), 1.07 mg.


HoloRam® Drenuril is a dietary supplement which can contribute to the organic processes involved in the bio-regulation of imbalances such as inflammation, oxidative damage, and immune and endocrine alterations, favoring the onset of prostatitis and prostatic hyperplasia. This can help in the control of urethritis, cystitis, urinary retention, and subsequent urinary tract infections.

The composition and activation of the ingredients of HoloRam® Drenuril has been carefully investigated to generate a synergy with activating effect of normal prostatic physiology. HoloRam® Drenuril has the potential to stimulate the organic processes that regulate the immune and anti-inflammatory response and modulate the hormonal response involved in prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis. Its main component, Sabal or Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens), has a well-known preventive action of prostatic hyperplasia and its sequelae such as prostatitis, cystitis, urethritis and kidney infections.


60 capsules. of 530 mg.

Suggested use

Take 2 capsules a day or according to a specialist's advice.


Dietary supplements must not be used as substitutes of a varied and balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance. Keep out of children’s reach.